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Ayers Rock (Uluru), Australia


Let E-Learning Take You Around the World!

Test your computer for our E-Learning courses:

For an immediate E-Learning experience and for a better understanding of why World Geography is so important, we strongly advise you to click on our demonstration below titled 'Explore the World!'. There is no audio with this E-Presentation; simply click and read the slides.

It is our hope that what you learn here will not leave you reassured, but rather restless and eager to engage in a learning adventure.

Let The Globe in a Nutshell be your first step to new horizons.

Our courses will be a combination of online learning along with educational materials for simultaneous hands-on learning and guidance. The Globe in a Nutshell is for people of all ages (8-108) and from all walks of life who want to increase their global awareness.

System requirements for E-Learning:

  • 64Kbps connection to the Internet
  • Browsers that support E-Learning:
    • Internet Explorer 8 and above
    • Firefox 19.0 and above
    • Chrome 25.0 and above
    • Safari 5.1 and above
    • Opera 12.1 and above
    • iOS Safari 4.0 and above
    • Opera Mini 7.0 and above
    • Android Browser 2.2 and above
  • Installed sound card, and
  • A purchased Travel Code to login to E-Learning with The Globe in a Nutshell. Register here.

These are the technical requirements to ensure that your computer system is compatible with The Globe in a Nutshell's E-Learning applications.

And now, are you ready to travel around the World from the comfort of your home?

If so, sign up here.

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