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Learning Together


Let E-Learning Take You Around the World!

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

No, it's not a trip to a theme park or a cyber expedition. It's a journey around the globe, with excursions up the Amazon River, a trek across the Great Wall of China, a romp through Australia, home of koala bears and kangaroos.

Sure, we have heard about these and other exotic places, but how many of us can pinpoint them on a map? Tell something about the Dead Sea, the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert?

Instinctively curious, we hunger to discover our world. Let The Globe in a Nutshell be your guide to learning world geography with a straight forward style, exciting facts, challenging quizzes, and fascinating projects.

Our program will take you and your family around the planet, discovering the marvels of geography without buying a single airplane ticket. We offer the excitement of discovery, the joy of diversity and the thrill of learning.

Knowing our world a little better, we will be at ease in our multicultural society, inspired to pursue other leisure activities like reading which helps us grow, and better equipped to be part of a world that seems to shrink more every day.

Find out how you can help your family prepare for their future through a fun, active approach to world geography. Click on Explore the World! to learn more about our program.

To sign up, click here. Like every adventure, we will start with butterflies in stomach and eyes on the horizon.

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