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Girl pointing at globe


Let E-Learning Take You Around the World!

Mission Statement

The mission of The Globe in a Nutshell is to dramatically increase the academic achievements, self-esteem and life opportunities of school children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens by increasing their knowledge of World Geography. The Globe in a Nutshell is focused on assisting communities in recognizing that a strong foundation in World Geography is fundamental to understanding many other disciplines, sciences and domains such as history, politics, economics, biology, climate, arts, culture, travel and much, much more. Knowledge is happiness and through our easy-to-use program, we offer a framework with practical assignments that make learning World and Regional Geography a manageable, step by step voyage of discovery, by building moment by moment on a wealth of information. The Globe in a Nutshell is dedicated to ensure our members carry a detailed 'mental map' of the world to allow more meaning in their career, social life, pastimes and to help those members who wish to function more effectively as global citizens and environmental stewards.

For an immediate E-Learning experience and to learn more about our Mission Statement, please click on the E-Learning presentation below titled, 'Explore the World!'. There is no audio with this E-Presentation; simply click and read the slides.

Course Descriptions
What we are

Based in the national capital region of Canada, The Globe in a Nutshell is a 21st century company offering an exciting, easy-to-study program on world geography.

The Globe in a Nutshell is for people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to increase their global awareness. Through straight-forward E-learning and practical assignments, the curriculum inspires and guides students to expand their knowledge of the world. Fun, intellectual stimulation and cross-cultural understanding are the result.


What We'll Do

The curriculum is organized in nine sections. The first, The World and Its Physical Geography, is a preliminary course which lays the foundation for the following eight sections. Global geographic features - including tectonic plates, oceans, continents, mountain ranges, deserts, major lakes, seas, and rivers - are the focus of the first section.

The following eight sections cover Canada, the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia and Oceania. Each of them examines political geography - including countries, provinces, states and capital cities - along with a review and more in-depth study of regional physical geography. Outline and Thematic Maps are among the tools you'll use in these eight sessions.


What You'll Do

Learning is a lifelong process that knows no boundaries, so participants are expected to commit approximately five hours of online study per Expedition and extra time with offline homework. Course material, blank Outline Maps, Thematic Maps, and study aids are provided for home learning. The knowledge and pleasure that participants derive depends on the time and effort they invest.


What You'll Learn

The globe - that colorful, mysterious ball that stood in the corner of your classroom, full of odd-sounding names, twisting rivers, huge stretches of desert. That's what you'll learn. Point a finger anywhere, and you'll have something to say about it or the surrounding area. Pick up a newspaper and you'll recognize the places being written about. The world will become an old friend, still full of surprises but always easy to be with.


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