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Rideau Canal, Ottawa


Let E-Learning Take You Around the World!

Refund Policy

E-Learning is a hosted service. All of our orders are FINAL. There is NO RETURN, NO REFUND, NO EXCHANGE. So, If you have any questions, please contact customer service at prior to purchasing.

System requirements for our E-Learning courses:

  • 64Kbps connection to the Internet
  • Browsers that support E-Learning:
    • Internet Explorer 8 and above
    • Firefox 19.0 and above
    • Chrome 25.0 and above
    • Safari 5.1 and above
    • Opera 12.1 and above
    • iOS Safari 4.0 and above
    • Opera Mini 7.0 and above
    • Android Browser 2.2 and above
  • Installed sound card, and
  • A purchased Travel Code to login to E-Learning with The Globe in a Nutshell. Register here.

If you are uncertain whether or not your computer system is compatible with The Globe in a Nutshell's E-Learning applications, we strongly advise you to click on our E-Learning demonstration. before you place an order. If your system displays video in this presentation suitably, you should have no difficulty using any of The Globe in a Nutshell's E-Learning courses. Once an order is processed, there is no eligibility for refund, everything is FINAL.

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