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Rideau Canal, Ottawa


World Geography Online Courses!


Vacation spots: Cancun, Stonehenge, The Great Pyramids. They look exotic in travel brochures and TV advertisements - miles of sandy beaches; ancient ruins, mammoth monuments - but where exactly are they?

What about those international sporting events? Melbourne, Madrid, Beijing. You know the names of the host cities, but how easily could you find them on a globe?

And all those places that we hear about on the nightly news: Colombia, Kashmir, the West Bank. Where are they in relation to each other and to us?

If you're like most people, you probably haven't needed to open a geography book or an atlas since high school. A decent road map will get you to where you want to go and besides, Geography class wasn't the most exciting thing on your weekly schedule.

But the world, as everyone says, is shrinking. Globalization. Immigration. International humanitarian efforts. Understanding political and physical geography can help us grasp the far-off events that have such a powerful and immediate effect on our lives. And understanding comes through study.

The Globe in a Nutshell is very distinct from a standard Geography class.

It's exciting. It's focused. It's practical. Most of all, it's relevant to your life and your times.

Yes, the world really is shrinking What was once a far-distant land or culture suddenly isn't much further than your own backyard. And learning about it is as easy as opening your door.

Discover the globe with us.

Welcome to The Globe in a Nutshell!

We Make Learning World Geography Fun!

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